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Our Profile
Established in 1961, Onn Wah Precision Machining relies on over 50 years of industry experience and knowledge to provide world class engineering solutions to a wide variety of industries that include the semiconductor, biomedical, oil & gas, and aerospace industries. The products and services we provide for the above-mentioned industries include precision CNC-machined parts, production tooling, jigs and fixtures, and contract assembly services for OEM equipment and modules.

onnwah-arrow-title Our Promise of Quality

In the world of aerospace engineering, conformance to specification is critical. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to constantly maintain strict operational quality.


We possess a strong team of staff that places customer satisfaction as top priority. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we consistently meet exceptional quality while complying with rigorous customer specifications in a wide variety of metals and special alloys.


Onn Wah Precision Machining is also strategically located in the hub of Asia. With airport access at a mere 10 minutes, we are connected to the world through high-speed connectivity, built upon solid infrastructure to run a reliable business with great efficiency.


On top of being ISO 9001:2015 certified, our facilities in Singapore and China are AS9100D:2016 certified as well, and come complete with full ERP systems that facilitate efficiency, through data-driven automation.


With a proven track record and modern equipment housed in a state-of-the-art plant, Onn Wah Precision Machining has consistently been the choice partner for numerous companies across various industries and continues to deliver outstanding results, everytime.

onnwah-arrow-title Customer Focus:

At Onn Wah Precision Machining, our customers come first. By applying a lean principle in our processes and practising good engineering, our customers have enjoyed top quality products while keeping costs low.

We have a dedicated program team managing all processes from RFQs to FAs to production.


onnwah-arrow-title People:

Due to the nature of the industry we service, it is natural to meet people from all over the world. It is thus, a prerequisite that we form a multi-national, English-proficient and highly efficient team to best meet the needs of our customers.


onnwah-arrow-title Systems:

Our systems are continuously upgraded through various improvement policies. We focus highly on the standardisation of processes and the importance of efficiency – our fully implemented ERP systems allows us to control costs, increase efficiency and make more informed decisions. Visual management is used throughout the organization for fast response and enhanced flexibility.


onnwah-arrow-title Equipment:

Our equipment are best-in-class and have been sourced extensively from Japan and Germany. They are constantly reviewed and upgraded based on the latest technologies to constantly meet the diverse needs of our customers.


onnwah-arrow-title Supply Chain:

Our deep understanding of the various specifications required by different customers allows us to maintain smooth operation of our supply chain by eliminating any unnecessary delay and ensuring delivery times are constantly met.